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Anthia Brigden

Ever since her first overseas trip to Hawaii as a child, Anthia has had a passion for travel that led her around the world and then landed her in the travel industry with plenty of knowledge to share. Anthia has experienced several modes of travel - cruising, group tours & independently - and absolutely loves the cruising experience.

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Travel Insurance

We hope you have a fantastic time away, but if something does go wrong, you’ll want to know you’ve got a travel insurance policy from someone you can count on.

We use & recommend Cover-More Travel Insurance to benefit from top quality cover, affordable rates, professional service and fair claims handling.
  • They have over 20 years experience in travel insurance
  • To date they have had over 10 million satisfied policy holders
  • Last year alone, over 1 million Australians travelled with Cover-More
  • They give all customers access to 24 hour emergency assistance
  • Their customer service team is available 7 days, online and over the phone for all your needs
On the surface all travel insurance policies look similar but getting the right policy is essential to benefit from top quality cover for your exact needs. Compare their plans below to find the right one for your needs today: